Asia and Oceania the fastest growing region both economicly and demographically. It is a challange to provide access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food as a foundation for an active and healthy life. Food security in this region affects more than human health and welfare; it also contributes to economic and political stability. The complex challenge of improving food security involves an interdependent and interconnected set of issues, including agriculture, energy, the environment, government policy and trade. The challenge to maintain food security in the future is greater due to inter-related challenges of the region such as land degradation, continuing degradation of biodiversity and climate change, which will require agriculture adaptation. Plant breeding had already played a major role in agriculture adaptation to the region need in past. Plant breeding still play and even more important role to establish agriculture adaptation to the rapid environment changes. Breeding research has benefited from advances in research in plant science and molecular biology, that provide breeders with important tools to improve breeding precision. One of the important issues is preparing for the next generation breeders and how to equip them with a degree of knowledge and skill with flexibility to react to rapidly changing environments, consumer preferences and political frameworks.

The seminar is aimed to represent the recent advances of breeding research in Asia and Oceania supporting agriculture adaptation to climate change and supporting sustainable agricultural production under climate change condition.

Contribution of Breeding Research for Sustainable Agricultural Production under Climate Change for Food Security in Asia and Oceania

1. Overview of the key issues:
1.1 An introductory session to discuss the key issues of food security, challenges to meet the food security and the contribution of breeding research for sustainable agriculture production under climate change
1.2 A session to discuss current topics and advancement in breeding research
1.3 A session to discuss the issues in preparing for the next generation breeders and how to equip them with a unique degree of knowledge and skill with flexibility to react to rapidly changing environments, consumer preferences and political frameworks

2. Paper and poster presentations that will cover the following subjects:
2.1. Breeding research for adaptation to climate change
2.2. Contribution of genomic in breeding for adaptation to climate change
2.3. Breeding research for improvement of quality to meet the change of consumer preferences
2.4. Sustainable utilization of genetic resources in breeding
2.5. Participatory breeding and new varieties dissemination It is intended that the subjects should be kept broad in order to provide opportunity to the researchers in breeding and genetics to present their work as oral or poster presentations that can be benefited the advancement of breeding research in Asia and Oceania.

The seminar will be held in the IPB International Convention Center, Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, Indonesia, on 14 – 16 September 2015

The audience of this seminar will be members of SABRAO, breeders from government and private institutions, and students.

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Bogor Agricultural University Society for the Advancement of Breeding Science in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO) Indonesian Breeding Science Society (PERIPI)

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Deadline for abstract submission is extended to July 15, 2015

Bagi anggota PERIPI akan diberikan biaya pendaftaran khusus, yaitu Rp. 2.000.000,- (dua juta rupiah) dengan melampirkan copy keanggotaan PERIPI.

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